Jul 14, 2024  

Professional Physical Education Teacher Program

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The goals of the Physical Education Teacher Education program are for candidates to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the content and content-related pedagogy of the teaching field and administer all professional and teaching courses designed for the preparation of teachers and other educational professionals.
  • Provide experiences in professional academic program that are devoted to developing individuals’ understanding of knowledge construction, learning, pedagogy and responsible professional practice in the contexts of physical education.
  • Prepare professionals who demonstrate and value reflective practice and ethical decision making through respecting diversity, honoring difference and promoting social justice.
  • Work with the community within and outside the school environment and promote lifelong knowledge and experiences in physical and health-related areas.

The objectives of the Physical Education Teacher Education program are for candidates to:

  • Provide prospective teacher candidates with understanding and skills concerning the broad concept of motor development across the lifespan.
  • Use practical and application approach toward developing comprehensive programming that aims to promote physical activity and fitness in school-age children.
  • Provide prospective teacher candidates with instructional and class management strategies appropriate to teach quality elementary and secondary physical education
  • Provide prospective teacher candidates with application of concepts in physiological testing, test selection and interpretation of assessments in normal and special populations for the purpose of exercise prescription and chronic disease risk reduction.
  • Provide prospective teacher candidates with ability to identify characteristics of a responsible leader including honesty, respect for others, and self-control, in a physical education activity.
  • Demonstrate independence and self-responsibility in student-led physical activities and use competence, proficiency, and strategy skills to solve problems in a physical education environment
  • Expose prospective teacher candidate to research regarding social effects associated with engaging in physical activity with others.
  • Prepare prospective candidate for evaluation of facilities and programs within the community that may be utilized for maintaining lifelong fitness.

The curriculum is designed to prepare students to become highly competent for careers as physical educators and education leaders, in both public and private schools. The curriculum provides students with a broad cultural background through two years of general education. Upon the successful completion of the general education requirements and meeting all professional preparation admission criteria, students are eligible to apply for admission to professional education in physical education.

The professional preparation curriculum offers background preparation to pursue study, certification and career opportunities in related fields of health, recreation, camping, physical fitness center, sports medicine, physical therapy, corrective therapy, recreation therapy, national park careers and athletics.

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