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Materials Science and Engineering Minor

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The Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Department currently offers a minor in Materials Science and Engineering, and Master of Science (M.S.) and Ph.D. degrees in Materials Science and Engineering.. It has several core faculty members as well as affiliated faculty members from several disciplines including Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biology, and Computer Science.

The Ph.D. Program, which was started in 1998, is designed to serve the needs of students from Computer Science various disciplines of science and engineering. It was tuned to accommodate the diversity and research interests of students with backgrounds in any of the abovementioned disciplines. Over the last couple of years the program was critically reviewed by the faculty to determine the adequacy of its contents in providing necessary depth and breadth for the students to be competitive in the global market. The curriculum shown in this bulletin represents the revised version, which was proposed by the MSE faculty and approved by the administration, and has been effective from Spring 2010 semester.

Department of Materials Science and Engineering was established in 2011. Master’s program in Materials Science and Engineering was implemented in January 2012.

Several state-of-the-art research laboratories are available for students to conduct their research. These include laboratories for materials processing, microelectronics, nondestructive evaluation, and characterization of materials, for students to conduct their research.

Mission Statement

  • To strive for a fundamental understanding of the nature of advanced materials towards the goal of environmentally-friendly, health-related, industrial, sporting and military applications.
  • To motivate and educate minority students, undergraduate through Ph.D., in the science and engineering of advanced materials.
  • To offer outreach activities for K-12 students, and the community teachers.

The curriculum for the Minor in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) is designed to educate students regarding the fundamentals of MSE and the positive and potential negative impacts of this field to the society. Students who complete a minimum of eighteen credits, including a set of three core courses will receive a separate certificate signed by the registrar and the President of the university. Students pursing undergraduate degrees in all disciplines of Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics are eligible.

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