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Chemical Engineering, M.S.

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The objectives of the Master of Science program in Chemical Engineering is:

To increase the number of STEM undergraduates receiving graduate degree in chemical engineering

The mission of the department of Chemical Engineering and that of the Master’s degree program is:

To produce graduates of superior technical, professional and scientific background in chemical engineering who can perform effectively and embrace education as a lifelong endeavor.

Program Description
The Master of Science Program in Chemical Engineering (MSE) is a program housed in the Chemical Engineering Department of College of Engineering. The core faculty members are these appointed in the department 0f Chemical Engineering. Faculty members from various other disciplines including Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics will also participate in the teaching of courses and advising students’ theses. Several state-of-the-art research laboratories are available for students to conduct their research.

Admission to the Program is determined by the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research based on the recommendation of the faculty of the Chemical Engineering department, and is communicated to the candidates by Tuskegee University’s Office of Admissions and Records. Competitive candidates for admission should have completed the verbal and quantitative parts of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

After the student is granted admission, he/she meets with the chair of the Chemical Engineering department for initial guidance. During the first semester of study, the student must form his/her Advisory Committee, which will consist of the major professor/advisor, and a minimum of two other faculty members.

Students with a B.S. in chemical engineering or related fields can apply to the chemical engineering graduate program at Tuskegee University. Students can choose one of the following two options:

  1. Thesis Option
  2. Non-thesis Option

All students pursuing the M.S. degree in chemical engineering are required to take the following core courses:

Technical Electives

The students will complete the remaining twelve (12) credits (for thesis option) or eighteen (18) credits (non-thesis option) of course work (referred to as technical electives) by taking graduate courses from the list given below.

The student must complete the following requirements to receive the Master degree in chemical engineering:

The technical electives should be selected from the following list

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