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Chemical Engineering, B.S.

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Chemical Engineering is concerned with the economic conversion of basic raw materials into useful products for society. Included in industrial groups are petrochemical, synthetic fuels, metals, foods, synthetic materials and fibers, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, fertilizers and coal tar products. Chemical engineers are concerned with chemical reactions and the separation of complex mixtures into their components. Chemical engineers rely on applied mathematics, physical chemistry, reaction kinetics, thermodynamics, and other engineering subjects, including computer technology and economics for their basic backgrounds. Chemical engineers are also particularly well qualified for the technological solution of environmental, ecological and biomedical problems.

The program provides a curriculum that begins with strong emphasis on fundamental science, mathematics and engineering sciences. The upper level curriculum builds on this foundation by imparting basic knowledge and applications of transport processes, thermodynamics and kinetic processes, process control and computer aided design. In addition, emphasis is placed on the economic and societal implications of chemical engineering to increase awareness and social responsibility. The program also offers options in environmental engineering, biochemical engineering and pre-med. The program is accredited by EAC (Engineering Accreditation Commission) of ABET.

Mission Statement

To produce graduates of superior technical, professional and scientific background in chemical engineering who can perform effectively and embrace education as a lifelong endeavor.

Program Educational Objectives

Within a few years after graduation, our graduates will:

  1. be successful practitioners in chemical and related industries, private practice or government.
  2. be engaged in graduate studies or continuing education endeavors in chemical engineering or related fields.
  3. be engaged in professional development commensurate with a career by participating instructured professional activities.

Environmental Option

A chemical engineering option in environmental engineering is available to those students who are interested in working in environmental areas after graduation. The curriculum for this option includes courses in environmental engineering and sciences.

Biochemical Engineering Option

Chemical engineering students who are interested in working in the biochemical engineering industry (such as pharmaceutical) can select the biochemical engineering option. The curriculum for this option includes courses in biology, biochemistry, biochemical engineering and microbiology to prepare students for careers in this industry.

Pre-med Option

Chemical Engineering students, who are interested in attending medical school, can select the pre-med option. The curriculum for this option includes courses in biology and the second part of organic chemistry to prepare students for medical school.

First Year


Total: 18


Total: 18

Second Year

Total: 18


Total: 18

Third Year

Fourth Year

Total: 131


1 - Humanities/Fine Arts General Education Requirements

2 - Social/Behavioral Sciences General Education Requirements

3 - Natural Sciences/Mathematics General Education Requirements

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