Feb 09, 2023  
2022-2023 Bulletin 
2022-2023 Bulletin

Biology, Marine Biology Option, B.S.

This program represents a concentration in Biology for students who wish to prepare for positions in the area of marine biology and for students anticipating doing graduate work in the area. Students participating in  the program will take the appropriate biology courses on campus and will be expected to enroll in marine biology courses at Dauphin Island Sea Laboratory (located on Dauphin Island, Alabama) for at least two summers. Students completing the program will have a major in biology with a concentration in marine biology. Students are required to complete all of the general education requirements, all of the required biology  courses and all of the required related courses that are listed for the regular biology major.

General Education Competencies

Creative Expression:

Computational, Informational, and Technological Skills:

Diversification Requirements

In order to fulfill the diversification requirements for upper-level courses, biology majors will need to take at least one upper-level lecture course in Category I and II. Additionally, students may not take more than two courses from Category III.

Category III

Eligible BIOL Electives

No more than 2

**Other courses are subject to advisor and Dept. head approval

Curriculum For Concentration In Marine Biology

Note: All students with a concentration in Marine Biology must take all of the core courses listed for a regular Biology major. Additional required courses for the concentration are as follows:

Additional Hours

Twelve (12) additional hours of biology must be selected in consultation with student’s Biology advisor. Eight (8) of these hours must be Marine Biology courses which are only offered during the summer at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab in Mobile, Alabama. No grade less than “C” in any Biology or Marine Biology course will count as Biology credit toward graduation.