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Robert R. Taylor School of Architecture and Construction Science

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Mission Statement

The School, through its Department of Architecture and Department of Construction Science, follows the founding policy of Tuskegee University - “Learning to do by doing.” Although both departments originated in trade and vocational training, the present mission is to develop competent professionals capable of solving the complex problems of today and tomorrow.

The Department of Architecture provides training in the art and science of architectural design. Its broadly based curriculum is structured as a two plus three year program, including course offerings in architectural design, building technology, architectural practice, urban planning, and the history and theory of architecture.

Graduates of the program enter the profession as capable architect interns who later become registered architects. They are capable of solving a variety of design problems ranging from individual buildings to building complexes and urban design.

The Department of Construction Science provides professional training in building construction management. The curriculum can be completed in four years and includes courses in general studies and physical sciences, construction materials and systems, surveying, construction management and business.

Graduates who complete the Construction Science program enter the building industry as professionals who are capable of performing in a number of capacities. The curriculum endeavors to produce professionals who are managers of people, finance, time and physical resource, who are knowledgeable of the standards of quality required of all trades employed during the construction process.

The Architecture and Construction Science programs prepare professionals who are capable of playing an active role in rebuilding our cities and towns so they may become truly meaningful places for all people to work and live. These programs endeavor to develop professionals with an appreciation for the humanistic (social, psychological and physical) aspects of a building problem, as well as other factors such as health, safety, and economic feasibility.

As the corollary to the instructional and service elements of its mission, the research goals of the school are designed to preserve, refine, and develop further the bodies of knowledge already discovered for dissemination and sharing; discover new knowledge for the continued growth of individuals and society; seek out new applications of knowledge to help resolve the problems and desires of modern society and enrich it; and to be able to practice specific professional disciplinary areas in the marketplace.

 Students in Architecture and Construction Science are provided with a sound scientific and technical foundation, which employs the latest techniques of the discipline. They are also provided with a broad socio-humanistic background, which is so essential to twenty-first century solution-making. Graduates are encouraged to become professionally qualified and seek graduate study or continuing education as a mechanism for their personal development.

Significant library and research facilities are available to students in the School of Architecture and Construction Science. In addition to the main library, the school is served by one branch library, fully staffed with trained, full-time personnel. The library maintains an extensive listing of books and references.

The computer applications laboratory includes the latest equipment and software in microcomputing and computer-aided design and graphics. In addition the school’s computer resources include complete computer plotting capability and a laser cutter laboratory.

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