Jul 14, 2024  

College of Arts and Sciences

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Mission Statement

The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), the largest college of Tuskegee University, is dedicated to the mission of educating and inspiring its students to be life-long learners, achievers, and citizen-leaders in communities, from local to global. In accordance with the mission of Tuskegee University, the college meets the core educational needs of its students by engagement and commitment to the following:

  • Building foundations for liberal arts education through teaching, research, service, and extracurricular activities in each department and program;
  • Assisting its diverse student population in the quest for intellectual growth, character development, social justice and attainment of skills and competencies under the leadership of faculties in the Humanities/ Fine and Performing Arts, Social/Behavioral Sciences and Natural Sciences/Mathematics;
  • Developing in our students an appreciation for heritage, innovation, creativity, and versatility;
  • Challenging our students to see beyond themselves, question assumptions and prejudices, serve others, and engage continuously as knowledgeable and responsible citizens striving to make a better community.

Core Values and Objectives

The mission of CAS is driven by enduring core values of excellence, effective communication, cultural diversity, engagement in society, civility, caring, competency, professionalism and lifelong learning as articulated in the following objectives:

  • To develop communication skills which will enable each student to read, write, speak and to listen effectively;
  • To assist students in understanding and appreciating the diversity of artistic and cultural expressions and their relationship to the aspirations and development of the individual and of humankind;
  • To prepare students with well-rounded exposure to the study of society, social institutions, and interactive behavior among diverse racial, ethnic, and gender groups;
  • To develop the mathematical, scientific, and technical competence of students for living in a modern society, and
  • To prepare students to enter graduate and professional studies, related professions, and other pursuits leading to meaningful careers.


The College of Arts and Sciences, the gateway through which students pass into their respective majors, is an inclusive and inviting community of students, faculty, staff, friends and supporters.

In their respective roles, the faculty seeks to improve continuously, engaging the best practices in teaching, research, outreach and professional development. In the case of the students, they are challenged to learn the relevant theories and applications that prepare them for life-long learning and productive citizenship. Meanwhile, the dedicated staff offers support services that are indispensable to the success of the college. Also, this success would not be possible without the steady and generous support of alumni, parents and friends.

While appreciating its history of excellence in teaching, research, and service, CAS is engaging the present challenges and opportunities to stay true to its functioning within the university’s mission and strategic goals. As it is optimistic about the mission and direction of the academic enterprise, CAS is also future-oriented in its commitment to prepare students through the rigor, breadth and depth of foundational courses in science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics (STEAM). The interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary preparation aims to position students on the trajectory of the road from early achievement in the academy to career high (REACH) in life. At CAS, the community is “STEAMing to REACH”! 

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