Jun 08, 2023  
2020-2021 Bulletin 
2020-2021 Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Education Curriculum

Tuskegee University has identified eight (8) general education competencies in which Tuskegee University undergraduate students are expected to gain proficiency during their first two years of study. The general education curriculum is a minimum of 39 credit hours.  These general education competencies provide students with a high quality experience in the liberal arts as well as breadth and depth of the total undergraduate educational experience.

Tuskegee University’s General Education Competencies, are as listed:

  1. Communication (Oral and Written)
  2. Creative Expression
  3. Historical Analysis and Understanding
  4. Political, Social, and Cultural Understanding
  5. Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning
  6. Scientific Skills and Knowledge
  7. Computational, Informational, and Technological Skills
  8. Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

Courses for the eight general education competencies are organized into three categories:

Humanities/Fine Arts (Competencies 1-2, 8)
Social/Behavioral Sciences (Competencies 3-4, 8)
Natural Sciences/Mathematics (Competencies 5-8)

The course requirements for the general education curriculum which allow the core competencies to be achieved are as follows:

  14 credit hours 

  12 hours 

  13 hours 


  2 hours 

  2 hours