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2018-2019 Bulletin 
2018-2019 Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Office of the Bursar


Tuition and Fees

General Statement

Tuskegee University regards the experience which a student receives in handling his financial affairs as an important educational outcome of residence at the University. The Bursar’s Office serves Tuskegee University students by offering efficient processes to manage the payment of University related expenses and fees. The Office works closely with Admissions and Enrollment Management, Registrar, Housing and Financial Aid Services to ensure that students are properly enrolled in the University and eligible to attend classes and access other University services. All students are urged to meet their financial responsibility promptly or to make arrangements for payment to avoid being asked to withdraw and have registration canceled. If it becomes necessary to cancel registration, a fee of $100.00 must be paid for reinstatement within seven working days of cancellation. Payment will not be accepted after this period.


Veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States, who are studying under Chapter 31 of 28 U.S. Code, have their educational expenses paid to the University by the Veterans Administration. These students receive directly from the Veterans Administration, each month, a check for their living expenses. Tuskegee University does not extend credit for living expenses nor make any advances for personal expenses to veterans. These students are urged to make arrangements before coming to Tuskegee University to finance themselves for approximately three months.

Schedule of Fees

Admission Application Fee: This fee is required of each new student who applies for admission. The fee is not a deposit, nor is it refundable. The amount of the fee is $25.00.

Enrollment Deposit: In order to obtain living accommodations, and to select a course schedule, an enrollment fee of $500.00 must be received by May 1 for the Fall Term and December 1 for the Spring Term. The fee should be made payable to Tuskegee University and should be sent directly to the Office of Business and Fiscal Affairs upon receipt of acceptance. This enrollment fee in non-refundable. The fee will be applied to the student’s expenses. This fee is subject to change.

Course and Incidental Fee: This charge, paid by the student, covers a portion of the cost of instruction. The balance of this expense is covered by gifts and grants and by income from endowments available to Tuskegee University. The fee is due at each semester registration: August and January. Students auditing courses pay the same as those taking them for credit.

Living Expenses: Services are provided on the campus for approximately 2,200 students. The University believes it highly desirable for all full-time students to live in residence halls and secure their meals in the University Cafeteria. Accordingly, all students living in the residence halls must secure contract food service in the University Cafeteria.

Refunds for living expenses are granted if a student withdraws from the University during the semester in accordance with the period of time spent in the residence hall.

Important Telephone Numbers

  • Admissions 1-800-622-6531
  • Bursar 334-727-8538
  • Business Office 334-727-8531
  • Counseling/Wellness Center 334-727-8244
  • Financial Aid 334-727-8201
  • Housing 334-727-4617
  • Registrar 334-727-8505

Library Fees: Fines for overdue books are assessed against students who do not return library books by the due date at $0.25 per day. Fines for overdue reserve library books are assessed at $0.50 per book, per library hours.


All withdrawals from the University must be cleared through the Office of the Registrar. If a student withdraws during the semester, a portion of his/her fees is refunded. The policy on refunds is located in the Office of Business and Fiscal Affairs.

Students who are suspended or expelled for disciplinary reasons shall have no right to a refund of any portion of fees paid. Students withdrawing must return their identification cards to the Office of the Dean of Students and see that there are no unpaid charges on their accounts in order that they may officially withdraw in good financial standing. In the event a student has an unpaid indebtedness to the University, any refund due will be applied thereon rather than returned to the student. If fees were paid by Federal funds, any remaining amount due will be applied against such funds. All refunds will be determined by the effective date established by the Registrar. There will be no refund of fees for a reduction in class load after the fifth week of the semester. There will be no refund of or payments made to the University in the event the operation of the University is suspended at any time as a result of any act of God, strike, riot, disruption, or for any reasons beyond the control of the University.

Student Budget

Because of the variety of courses offered at Tuskegee University and the differing financial requirements for each student, it is not possible to suggest budgets which apply generally to all students. A student, however, may estimate his/her financial  requirements by selecting the appropriate items listed below:

  • Course and incidental fees
  • Living expenses Books, supplies, & special equipment
  • Personal expenses
  • Uniform (if required)
  • Funds for books, supplies, personal expenses, etc., should not be included in payments made to Tuskegee University.

Annually, usually by March, the fees are released in a brochure by the Vice President for Business and Fiscal Affairs, Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, AL 36088. Also, the fees are available at www.tuskegee.edu/programs-courses/bursar